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August 06, 2009


My one and only problem with Rand is the fact that he is seeking GOP support. He's seeking the major party support for the sake of having $$$ for his warchest. Regardless the candidate's intentions, if we as a society support the ideologue that whomever raises enough money shall be the victor then we have lost our republic already. There will be another candidate for the US Senate seat for KY, and he will not seek party approval from either side of the aisle. He will go it alone seeking no money from any source. Don't let that mislead you into thinking it will be someone with a fat wallet, he has little if any money to spare after making sure his family is provided for.

How in times like these can anyone feel good asking people to give up their cash? Why not have people donate the time to make signs with their home printers or send ads to their local papers, and discuss politics with one another everywhere they go?

Last I looked up the prepared package provided through KY SoS office in conjunction with BoE, candidates can't legally file for the 2010 general election until Nov. 2009. So we'll soon see just how far a true independent patriot can get in an election.

All the early founders of our country should have believed in secession, since we did secede from England. And it would be a safe bet to say those who were raised by the founders understood it as well. Citing one instance opposing that doesn't prove anyone wrong!

On the Obama issue, you seem to be a Bunning supporter, why did he not say anything about it when it mattered? Why when pressed about it in April did he, Senator Bunning, laugh the question away and then say it was too late to worry with? Answer?

Any American that doesn't believe in secession doesn't understand American History!

Go to http://www.zazzle.com/rickhyatt to get your own posters of Obama The Joker that's gone viral in LA.

I think Rand Paul is a welcomed sight. Especially at this time, I think we as KY conservative Republicans deserve an actual election instead of just a cooronation ceremony. I like him. He doesn't have a focus group or kiss any rings of the leadership, he just says what he thinks.

I like the man! I also don't like having our nominees hand picked by political bosses!

Marcus, did you like Trey's response to the Obama citizenship question better?

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