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August 14, 2009


Why do the liberal care if talk radio and ONE tv station are conservatives, when most tv stations...especially NBC/GE associates (who paid HUGE bucks to get Obama in office) .. are liberal? They have more voices!

Oh...but wait!! Liberal tv news stations are SINKING in the ratings!! Could it be that NO ONE TRUSTS THEM??? I just gave up on The Today show after Matt was rude to Michelle Malkin, and sooo chummy with liar press twister Gibbs.


Come Again Moon - that's EXACTLY what I've been trying to tell everyone since the Bush/Gore 2000 debacle. It's the government that is racist, sexist, homophobic, atheist, and elitist NOT the American public! BOTH parties twist and distort reality to manipulate along the lines of these "wedge" issues that they themselves have created. Why? Because if we are too busy fighting each other, we don't pay attention to their criminal activity. Because they can always hide behind one group or the other to push their agenda through. If WE THE PEOPLE can band together and drop the wedge issues and focus our attention on government, there would be a whole lot of elected and appointed officials, even in the judicial system, locked behind bars. I'm pretty sure there are some that would even deserve charges of treason. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

Yes, tell people... but they probably won't like it. Democrats don't know their party has been hijacked by the "progressives and don't wish to accept the possibility. The truth is that both parties have taught us to fight amongst ourselves, while their leaders, when elected, play aristocracy with our government and our rights. They give us "Party favors," to shut us up. While they start wars, or government programs, as a reason to take away our personal rights. We need to protest this GAG CZAR, like we're protesting the health care bill. Call your congress and representatives and complain.... and check this out... www.firecongress.org

What is next with this administration. I tried to tell people what a mistake they were making when they made their uneducated vote.

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