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July 18, 2009



Voting Rand as a US Senator, would be at the federal level - not state. On top of that, he's seeking GOP support which means more politics as usual if he wishes to stay in good standing with the party leaders.

While we do need to focus on local and state government reform, the main goal is getting the federal government out of our daily lives. The only way we will ever do that is to abandon the current 2 party system and start replacing these career politician chumps (yes I realize that Rand technically isn't, but his father is) with every day real Americans - such as you or me or our friends, family, etc.

YES --- Good riddance. He can burn in HELL

for all I care!

NWO is right around the corner. I wish people would wake up before be lose our nation. Vote Rand Paul and lets start changing government from state level instead of federal.

I will always remember the damage that this man inflicted on our nation during the Vietnam War. I will also remember that because of him and his protege Dan Blather, my father, a decorated WWII hero, was spit on by scum sucking pigs when he returned from Vietnam. Roast in hell Walter. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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