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February 22, 2009



I really like this forum. See ya later!

Oh yeah!!!!!!

I'm taking the saddle off today, and I'm going to ride you bareback -

Time to tax the rich. Start at the top of the wealth scale and go down till the deficit is retired.

No one is spared: the Kennedys, Hollywood, Miami drug lords, Seattle computer geeks and Boston software gurus.

The fundamentalist right-wing is gone, probably for 40 years. The most they'll get for 40 years is the opportunity to lie, cheat and steal. Lie in wait for an oppotunity that nevers comes. Cheat the grim reaper by not dieing a long, slow, horrible and agonizing death. Steal the imagination of poorly educated believers and bankrupt their futures.

Now the United States has a real future. A president that spits in the face of reactionary right-wing bigots and calls them out.

Get used to it. For 40 years.

Choice is not an option; it is now the policy of the United States government - of the people, by the people and for the people, this is a Republican tradition that has been implemented by a Democratic administration, because the Republicans lost sight of social equity.

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