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January 17, 2009


That huge "PLOP" we hear (if ever) would be your head coming out of your ass. Get a life. Find a law firm that cleans up your act.


For some one who shows so much compassion, especially for Billy, one of our mutual friends, how can you tolerate the drivel written here.

The first item about the female Imam and an organization that has never been convicted, but smeared with and by innuendo, that has no actual basis of fact, may be reasonably published as a letter from a reader or an accuasation - either one. It is all accuasation without substance.

The second item is just so pititfully scurilous that comment eludes me. Thogh not as offensive as David Adams telling me he loves me, it angers me that this bilge is circulated and depresses me that this passes for news and truth among qualified voters in our community.

And that you are the lubricant and medium of its spread is frustrating.

"The criminal conviction of a public official is a dark day for all of us, not just here in Owen County, but across this nation. It highlights how we, the people, have created or have allowed to be created by our own apathy, a system of government which discourages good people from running for office.

These incidents will be seen by some as evidence of the kind of crooked politicians who always seem to win. Others will use this as just one more reason not to get involved in politics saying only the underhanded succeed. "

But that is the TRUTH, isn't it?

"First, when it comes to politics I am no longer a party official and therefore no longer obligated to defend the party line or attack the opposition."

So, my friend, does it mean that I can start reading your blog postings again? LOL.

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