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November 19, 2008


why the shock? i saw this coming in 2009 jan. it was all right there in fromt of ya all. 'prez' told ya all exactly what he was going to do. 'fundamentally transform america' what part of that statement weren't ya all clear on? his assoc., ayers to jarret were not a secret. as well this plot was put into gear at the beginning of bush's 2cd. term. realty is, the people guarding the gate against communism were comepletly dirilect of duty. now yall cryin like a bitch. for me the major travesty is all my dead marine brothers and the wounds i live w/ every day were for absolutely nothing. ya all woke up a little too late. welcome to the united communist welfare states of america. semper fi. ryan sean donovan

We have a criminal White House. The DOJ is being run by an anti-white, anti-Constitution Chicago street thug. His boss is the first communist to occupy the White House. He is destroying the country right before our eyes and the Congress doesn't do a Goddamn thing. Call your reps and complain. Tell them we need someone in Congress to start impeachment proceedings. It's a long shot but it'll bring it to the attention of tube fanatics.

Fast & Furious was a blatant attempt to engineer public opinion at the expense of people's safety, and as it turned out, a whole bunch of lives on both sides of the border. They had already put the narrative out that Mexican drug gangs get the majority of their weapons through legal means in the US. This is a lie, and their attempt to illustrate the lie backfired on them. Justice awaits.

Now, with the ATF GUNS disaster in AZ,along with the other actions Holder has taken over the years, we can see that the concerns about HOLDER as AG were warranted. Given all this known evidence, is there a possibility that he believes in a totally totalitarian type of government and is activly trying to make this happen?

Yes I would consider Ruby Ridge, Waco, the pardon the Marc Rich and the 16 FALN terrorist to be one hell of a career.

I have linked to your post from Obama Picks Eric Holder for Attorney General

To Neil B:
First, thanks for the comment.

You are correct, Holder is, as I said at the outset, entitled to recognition for an impressive career.

But, to many hard core American patriots, there is a growing fear that Obama represents the kind of extreme liberalism which threatens individual liberty. That threat, to them, is not limited to his economic policies which may tilt toward socialism, but to the far, far right, they fear the disarming of the citizenry as a first step toward subjugation.

It is in this context that Holder's involvement with Ruby Ridge, Waco and his stance on gun licensing adds to these concerns.

I'm sure there will be plenty of people singing his praises, but quite frankly his stance on gun control is 180 degrees opposite mine and so I have no intention of behaving like the predictable guy on the news who says with a jaw dropping stunned reaction to learning that his neigbor is a murderer "Gee, and he was such a nice guy."

Thanks again for commenting and engaging in the debate.

Aren't you forgetting to look at the net "whole picture" of this guy Holder? Wouldn't just about anyone have a few deficiencies or even stains in their resume, since no one is perfect? You went over those kinds of kinks and not the overall policy picture. Most people just aren't moved by a few missteps in a person's past, they want to know what the person will likely do from now on.

BTW, I haven't found any clues for why Holder did recuse himself from the Ruby Ridge affair.

delver in VA

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