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Marc Carey brings a unique energy to the blogosphere.

Combining over thirty years as a successful lawyer, professional speaker, ethics leader, campaign adviser, and talk radio host with his extreme wilderness sojourns Marc Carey brings every day stories from the main stream and new media into a sharp focus.

He is dedicated to the basic human quest for individual liberty and happiness which sparked the flame of the American Spirit.

On this site you will see the events of today from a completely new perspective.


Welcome to Bluegrass Bulletin. Here we scan and read dozens of newspapers, blogs, columns and editorials every morning so that you will find in one location all the news and information you will need to be informed, conversant and armed for the battle of ideas that lies ahead of you every day. We do the work, we give you the facts, we offer you the analysis that you need to surpass your competitors in the hard hitting world of business, politics and current events. Interests include: History, politics, organic gardening, hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, wilderness adventures (particularly in Alaska and often in the winter), photography, video production, podcasting, webinars, farming, humor.