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November 02, 2009


Interesting, indeed.

Bailey won't fare any better against Rand Paul than Grayson did. Maybe they hope to avoid the negative impression that developed when voters suddenly cared enough to realize that Grayson was a former Democrat and Bill Clinton supporter, but really, the problem is the deep ties to the Republican oligarchy. Geez, with all their polling data and highly paid political consultants, it looks like they'd go to a TEA party. They need to wake up and smell the discontent. Madison Avenue marketing and packaging aren't getting it anymore. We the People have finally taken a long look at both parties and realized that we need a lot better than that, and we can do a lot better than that. Our elected officials haven't been representing us, and THAT'S the problem. Changing from one party hack insider to another isn't going to help.

It's not just this senate position, either. The awakening that has occurred is having a toll on McConnell's approval rating. We aren't seeing any published polls of course, but the mood on the street is ugly. We finally figured out the fact that McConnell not only voted for the TARP-1 bailout for the crooked Wall Street banksters, but he was the guy twisting the GOP arms in the senate to ensure that it passed. For all of the power he's had in the Republican Party of Kentucky, being anointed by Mitch "Bankster Bailout" McConnell is not necessarily a good thing now.

McConnell's people running the Grayson campaign have apparently treated this race like any other off-year senate race. They were starting slow, and banking money for a last week media buy just before the election, because that's when voters are paying attention. Not this year. People are very upset right now, and Rand Paul's core beliefs that he's always had are exactly what people want to hear. I don't think the GOP will be able to spin any marketing message that will woo voters in this election. We ain't buying what they're selling, no matter how they try to gussy it up.

Yawn. People have been talking about "sources" saying Cathy Bailey is a day away from entering the race since frickin' May (see: kypolitics.org).

This is clearly not a push poll. The tip off is that it is 15 minutes long. That is a legitimate survey. Not saying that someone is not in the field testing themes, issues and bio statements, but they are most definitely not push polling.

Even the Wikipedia entry you linked to on push polling would indicate that this is not a push poll.

Rand is definitely going to need more the $2 Million for his Primary run.

We need to make sure he gets it.

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