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November 06, 2009


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Is Grayson campaigning on State time?


I just find it totally amazing he just so happened to know some girls name that went to the same high school as him, but REALLY didn't know her. I wonder who tried to orchestrate that?

It sure did backfire!

Uh, Marc, are you sure that the voice on the phone in this video was Trey Grayson?

It sounded to me like it was Les Fugate, Trey's spokesperson.

If so, don't forget that Les works on a state salary and if he was pretending to be Trey on the phone, I have a few questions. Was it during a work day?

Was he using a state phone while engaged in political campaign activity for a federal office seeker?

You might want to ask Trey. Or Les. But good luck getting a straight answer.

Trey Grayson sure sounds an awful lot like Les Fugate....

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